Hello Everyone

Hi, everyone. I am new to this community and am excited to learn all about new tech in the graphic design industry. I am currently working on my associates degree in graphic design and any advice is welcomed. Thanks for letting me join you’re community.

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LAFS? A lot of your classmates are here.
What area of graphic “new tech” would you be interested in advice?

Welcome Aboard :slight_smile:

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Last classes I completed in graphic design were in 2004 via tech school. Then all we knew about were word, power point, excel , Adobe photoshop, etc. Are there any new apps or platforms that are great for newbies to practice any design skills.

Right now, industry standard is the Adobe CC suite. For graphic design that means, typically, InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop, with Acrobat and perhaps some web generation tools thrown in. Whether or not you learn stuff beyond that really depends on what area of graphic design you plan to go into. It’s a very broad field and it may help to find your niche and become good at what you do, rather than try to do a little bit of everything (even though most general job postings you will see will want about 5 different design skills all in one person. :roll_eyes:)

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Photoshop is not a graphic design layout tool. It is for creating and editing photo imagery (with exceptions, of course.) Please study up on Illustrator and InD if you plan on doing any kind of print design.

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Hi there,
Welcome to the forum. Practice more and more and design your portfolio. Keep sharing here and there is much to learn for you.

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Thanks everyone, I appreciate all the advice. Im really not sure which way I’m going with graphic design yet so I’ll play around with all the apps you’ve mentioned and see what I can learn asap.

Welcome to the forum.

Graphic design has a lot of routes and avenues. You’ll find your way around eventually.

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