Hello Everyone

I would like to introduce myself and why I have joined GDF. I am originally from Liverpool,UK but have been in the USA for just over 25 years. My background is mainly management but I have always followed my artistic passions since I was 11 (musician, photographer, drawing, watercolour, cooking) but really never took the steps to follow any of these professionally (except music & cooking). I lost my job in January due to Covid and have struggled to find anouther job (mostly because I don’t want to go into management again) and so my wife suggested graphic design. I have done some research and I feel this will be a good fit for me even though I am a lot older now (55)

I am now looking into online courses but no schools as I just cant afford it and don’t have that much time to invest so I am on the hunt (skillshare looks good and is in my price range)

Thanks for reading and I look forward to being part of the community.

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First, welcome to the forum.

Second, I hate to give you bad news, but the chances of starting a new career as a graphic designer at 55 is nearly zero.

In the U.S. you’d be competing with a glut of unemployed graphic designers with bachelor’s degrees who just graduated from school and are willing to work for peanuts. Even with luck, talent, and a solid university education on their side, most graphic design graduates will either not find jobs or will leave the field within a few short years. Those who do make it will spend ten years of their lives working themselves up from beginner status to senior graphic designer level. A small few will become art or creative directors, where the pay starts making it worth the effort.

In addition, age discrimination is a huge thing in design and advertising. If a designer hasn’t established himself by the age of 40, the game’s pretty much over. I’m a little older than you, and have been in this field for decades. Honestly, I’ve never seen it as bad as it is now.

And I haven’t even mentioned the competition from ridiculously cheap overseas crowdsourcing that’s pretty much gutted the bottom tier of the profession.

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Wow, I was not expecting that response, as honest as it is. I guess I will have to rethink my options as far as doing it for employment. I appreciate the honesty although painful to read. I may still move forward just to learn a new skill and keep myself busy while I revaluate my career.

Welcome here. Hope you will be getting more experience related your work in here.


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