Hello, From a GD Student

Hi there.

I’m Ben, and I’m a Graphic Design student in Tasmania, right on the South end of the world. I hope to talk and discuss and eventually get lots of feedback as I develop. As part of my course, I’m running a blog at https://benhopeart.blogspot.com/ where you can see some course work, some art, and hopefully some stuff that looks a little more like real design.

Thank you,

and “hello” again!

Hi, Ben. Welcome to the forum. Tasmania is a long ways from the U.S., but I’ve always wanted to visit.

Welcome to the forum Ben!

Welcome Aboard Ben!!! :taco::taco::taco:


A warm hello from NZ! You’re even further south than I am I think. Hobart is only a 3 1/2 hour flight from Auckland though so hello from just a short skip over the ditch.

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