Hello! from a non-professional design enthousiast


I am a non-professional design enthousiast. Don’t have a lot of experience yet, only participated in a couple of online logo design contests, which teached me that I still have a lot to learn. I think this place is great to inspire, to get inspiration and to learn from the creative process from fellow design enthousiasts.

Stay as far away as possible from that logo design contest scam.

You will get neither money, nor experience and feedback that will help you grow as a designer.

Thank you, will definitely keep this in mind.

Welcome to the forum Type1. Hope you have a good stay. Some of us here are very good at expressing their honest opinions.

This is an assurance, and a warning.

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Design contests are not good for the industry. If you hope to make a living as a graphic designer some day, you are undermining your chances of doing so by participating in the contests.

Thank you for your replies. I see what you mean. I only have participated in a few of these contest, several years ago. Mainly noticed a big absence of creativity and lot of copying and plagiarism. It just were my first steps. Soon concluded that it is not my kind of place to spur creativity and grow.

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Best place to do this is university. The best way to give yourself the best chance at a meaningful career is by getting a formal design education in a good university (not an online course).

I think doing some online courses in terms of using the necessary software to learn the software alone would be a worthy adventure online.
A precursor to classroom learning.

Perhaps; but type1 was talking about increasing creativity to grow. For that, there is little substitute of formal learning and group critiques.

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