Hello from an aspiring graphic designer

Hello everyone. My name is Schweta and I’m an aspiring graphic and web designer. I joined the earlier forum a little more than a month ago; it’s sad that it’s shut down. And here’s a little bit about me:

I have been working in the field of publishing for the past two decades mostly as an editor with a little bit of design – book covers, brochures, invites, web design – thrown in now and then. I am now trying to teach myself a bit more about design to be able to switch over to a freelance career in graphic design/web design. At the moment I’m feeling completely overwhelmed by the amount of learning I have to do and how much I need to improve. I think a little bit of encouragement from all of you is probably what I need to help me soldier on.

Hiya Schweta!!


Enjoy the forum :slight_smile:

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Hi Schweta!

Nice to meet you!, I am also trying to teach myself graphic design, it’s definitely overwhelming the wealth of info out there to learn but quite exciting!
Wish you the best of luck :wink:


Hi Mokojoko. Thanks for your message.
We can all hold each other up and slowly and steadily we’ll get there.
Good luck to you too!


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