Hello from Germany

Hi everyone, I’m Zoe, I’m coming from Greece, leaving the past five years in Germany where I’m working as Mediadesigner. I used to run for 12 years a small creative studio in Greece, as graphic designer, but due to economical crisis had to give it up eight years ago. For some years I took some distance from graphic design, had to do some other jobs here in Germany and now I’m back trying to get fit again.

Thanks for taking me in! :smile:


Hi, Zoe. Welcome to the forum and welcome back to graphic design.

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hello can you draw cartoons that are not amime?
if so you can fill in for me while i take a social media and teh internets break.
good luck, we are all counting on you!

Hi, I’m afraid I can’t, thanks anyway

Thank you :smiley:

Hi Zoe! Welcome Aboard :slight_smile:

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