Hello from the other side, how are you?

Hey everyone!

I’m a software developer and an outside world tinkerer, on my way to make things nicer.

This looks like a great place to be so thank you for the opportunity to join!

I intend to learn the essentials of graphic design and hopefully even contribute.

If there’s anybody willing to guide me so I see the light sooner, maybe in exchange to helping them discover programming, please let me know.

Thank you again and have a good year!

Welcome to the forum, Sailowcat! Your profile says you’re from Bucharest. Over the years, we’ve had several forum members from Romania. I hope things are going well there considering the spooky things taking place with your neighbors to the north. Anyway, it’s good to have you here.

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Thank you and it’s good to be here, Just-B!

Things can be better here (like anywere I guess), but it’s livable. And yes, let’s hope it’ll be soon better for Ukraina and Russia people, war and tyranny are bad.

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Welcome Aboard :slight_smile:

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Welcome to the forum!

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Welcome! What kind of software do you develop, and what kind of graphic design are you interested in?

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Thank you all for the welcome!

@mist, thanks for asking! I develop mainly for small businesses (project management, production, clients, invoices and payment, stock management, things like this) for money and an educational website for people who want to learn. I hope I get some online in April for a limited audience.

I’m interested in visual identity, user interface for apps and web, and product design for my workshop hobby (I want to make things like toys with electronics, robot arms and I’d like them to be nice looking and ergonomic).

Most of what I do is work in progress as I transition from writing custom software to a saas platform, and the workshop is a new thing helping with the burnout, I hope I will share in the next months real things, but for now I’ll gladly discuss anything if you want details.

Also if I can help somebody in their projects, I have some hours per week set aside for this.