Hello from the Pacific Northwest!

Hello, all! I have just joined the forum and look forward to interacting with other creative professionals, to learning from all of you and hopefully contributing some value to graphic design discussions here.

Hi XFC, Welcome aboard! I’m Line. I’m a artist, designer, animator from the south east. Please tell us more about yourself! Have a portfolio link or something?


Welcome Aboard!!! :slight_smile:


Thank you! I am glad to be here!

Thank you, LineDetail! It is nice to meet you! I am happy to be here; there are so many good discussions in the forums, and lots of collective wisdom.

I am a graphic designer, photographer, and photo-based artist. I was doing freelance graphic design until about four years ago, when I went in-house (and have grown so much as a designer in the process!)

Embarrassingly, none of my graphic design is online at the moment. I took off my design page to figure out how to best present my work, and, well, I am still figuring it out. :smiley: I am working on it!

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Be careful of the in-house portfolio killer :smiley: Some places don’t allow you to post their work in your personal portfolio. Based on my experience, It’s good to keep doing side work for others or personal work so you can always add something to your portfolio that is recent. Heed the advice :smiley: Just in case your in-house work leads you to finding another one.


This is a real concern! What makes me feel hopeful about it is that I didn’t sign any work for hire agreements here, and most of our marketing is public-facing. I fully agree about outside work, for portfolio’s sake and also for the sake of trying different graphic styles outside of the in-house brand.

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Welcome, what part of the northwest are you in? I’m south of Seattle, down in Kent.

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Hello, neighbor! :grinning: I am in Seattle.

Well, welcome again! This group is a great place to learn, and contribute to others’ learning.

Do you work downtown? I freelance, design and commercial photography, and teach photography classes at Highline College.

DocPixel - thank you! It seems like a great group, and folks are willing to share knowledge and have meaningful discussions.

I work on Capitol Hill, so almost downtown. :sunglasses:

Wow, almost neighbors! I’m from Puyallup, WA and brand new here, HELLO HELLO!

So sorry, I was absent from the forum for a while! Welcome to the forum!

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