Hello from the South

Just thought I’d say hello. I’m Laura and I’ve been in design for 20+ years. I still get stumped on things but love what I do.

Do you live in an urban, suburb, or rural area? Is there a lot of competition in the South?

Hi there! I’m in the rural mountains of Georgia. While there is a lot of competition in Atlanta (where I am from), there is very little here. I just got my name out a little and I am swamped with freelance work. So I’m going to go out on my own mid June. It won’t be the first time going solo but definitely here it will be.

Being swamped is better than having to spend your time looking for work. Enjoy it.

I have a cousin that lives in Jasper, and I’ve been all over the northern part of Georgia on mountain biking trips. Enjoyed some fine BBQ from Colonel Poole’s more than once.

Welcome Aboard Laura!!! Nice to meet you :slight_smile:


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