Hello GD Community!

A few days ago I had posted my website on a public forum called “Reddit” in hopes of receiving constructive criticism. However, it just ended in tears and a lot of self-doubt.

After that had happened, I realized that maybe I should attempt to find a focused design community! I believe you’re all here for the love of graphic design and to be uplifting towards one another.

I look forward to getting to know what this community is all about and to also gain some insight!

Thanks for reading.

Welcome to the forum. Help yourself to tacos and bacon. We will try not to make you cry, but do wear a thick sweater. We will be honest. :blush::bacon::taco:

Hiya Goldenbumblebee!!! :slight_smile:

I’m so sorry you had such a hard time. Places like Reddit have Swarm mentalities and are filled with people trying to outdo one another with snarky and what they think are clever comments. There is also very little governing of such behavior.

We give honest critiques here. Honesty can appear to be harsh at times. No one likes to hear negative things about what they have poured their heart and soul into. They are meant to have you learn and grow. Never to be seen as being attacked or bullied. We don’t allow anyone to be mean and nasty.

That being said …

Welcome Aboard!!!


I think I am fine with criticism if it is given to me in a respectful manner. I mean, I’ve gone to art school! Critiques upon critiques! It’s what helps us grow. If someone with more knowledge on the subject at hand is willing to give me insight and advice, I am more than willing to take it!

However, I will keep a thicker sweater with me as best as I can. Also, I love both tacos & bacon, so thank you! :ok_hand:t2:

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Hello! I have to admit, reading your comment was super welcoming. I really appreciate your kindness and reassurance! I am excited to be apart of this community. I am also glad to’ve ‘internet’ met you!


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Aww … I’m glad to have “internet met” you too! :smiley: I like that :smiley:

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Welcome goldenbumblebee!
There’s plenty of beer in the fridge and lots of tacos with all the fixin’s. Make yourself comfortable! :smiley: :avocado::bacon::taco::beer:

Thank you, thank you!

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