Hello - GD learner coming from painting & env sci


I just joined this forum largely in motivation to ask a technical question about resolution issues using a external monitor with a laptop, which I will post in the Software section shortly!

I have long dabbled here and there with graphic design and illustration on occasions, and recently I have been taking an Intro Graphic Design class as a non-degree student at a university.

I otherwise have a background in traditional fine art (mostly painting and drawing) and studied biology and environmental science. I am motivated to learn graphic design because I keep finding myself in situations where I wish I were better at it! (i.e. “Hey! You’re artsy! Wanna do this project??”) And I am also interested in doing freelance projects.

My interests for design at the moment are primarily contexts of outreach communications for nonprofit orgs and publicizing science.

Thank you! :smiley:

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Glad you found us! Welcome Aboard!


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