Hello & GDF is Great!

Hi everyone,

I’ve been poking around the forum since Sept 2019 and never posted an intro. I wasn’t sure for a while what to expect of this forum so I didn’t want to reveal too much of myself. After almost a year of reading, commenting, and liking, I want to share that this is the best forum I’ve found for Graphic Design. I’ve been hoping for something as constructive and open as this for years. Thank you!!! :clap: :partying_face:

About Me:
In school I studied 3d animation and graphic design. Never did anything with the 3D. I’ve had almost a dozen jobs since then in customer service, education, and, finally more recently, design. During the past year I hit reset; moved 2 hrs away for my husband’s job, completed a web design internship, worked at a small print shop, and finally now I’m a designer (graphic and web) for a local company. I don’t consider this the last stop in my profession but for now I’m so glad I pushed past the struggle of getting my foot in the door.

If anyone wants to chat about getting that first job, feel free to reach out! :smile:


Let me welcome you to the forum then … Officially :wink:

We are happy to have you here IzChik :heart:

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You’ve been here for awhile, IzChick, so it would be silly to welcome you aboard. Instead, I’ll welcome you stepping out of the shadows. As RedKittieKat said, it’s good having you here!

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