Hello GDF world!

Brand new member here,

I am part of a Design company called Riddlez Interactive and while I don’t directly do all of our Design work I do most of our marketing and have some knowledge of Design, but mainly Photography. The main reason I joined up is to learn and be part of a community that is all about Design! I look forward to seeing everyone’s work and learning more!



Hiya riddlez!!!

Welcome Aboard and Nice to meet you!!

This section will help acquaint you with our forum.

If you have a question ask away and if you know the answer to another members question, feel free to jump right in and respond :slight_smile:


Welcome riddlez! It’s great to see Kiwis joining GDF.

Welcome to GDF!

Hi Vic! Woot! Another NZer!

I’m the resident Aucklander :slight_smile:

Welcome to the forum! :smile:

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