Hello GDF!

Hello artisans, my first day here, so far the comradery is excellent and supportive!
I love the “critique the idea, not person” approach which every other website forum forbids.
as for me I am a cartoonist who has designed many images for print and web publications since the 1980’s. I recently switched to windows 10 this year and learning their graphic design programs instead of Adobe. i hope i can help and receive help while I’m an this site.
thank you.


Welcome Aboard! :slight_smile:

I made this it’s own topic :wink:

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and i should move my joke to the thread or delete that post. makes no sense now.
im happy to be here and give-receive advice on graphics and web things.

Welcome aboard! I am the opposite of a cartoonist. Never had that “perfect line” that is so necessary for the comic arts.

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