Hello guys. New here. Logomaker

Hello everyone.

I am new here. I am 30, live in Europe, working for myself. Making logos for living and selling them.

Like swimming, boxing and business.


Why not share your 3 favs designs?

ok, since I make only logos, here is mine 3 favourite logos i made. One of them sold already.( angry sushi )


Angry Sushi is a great character. Make more! Ninja Sushi, Samurai Sushi, Fugu!

Thanks. I actually made a wasabi character to the came customer I sold lol

wasabi angry%20suwi%20wasabi


Those characters are great :smiley:

Welcome aboard!

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Thanks. I like this forum already lol

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Great work!

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Well I liked Angry Sushi, but then I saw Wasabi, who doesn’t even need the word “angry”. I would wear that on a t-shirt just to promote wasabi, anger, and the same chopstick technique I use.

Thanks. I did draw an angry wasabi, but customer chose a third one


You are on to something here. The designs are simple, fun, and well executed. I can see this being a whole set of emoji’s, a comic book, children’s book, etc.

Side thought: It would be cool to have a full portfolio spread (2 pages) where you have a “where’s Waldo?” type thing going with tons of these characters.

I say to focus on the characters because that will keep your left brain occupied and open you right brain for moments of inspiration. It (focussing on a set of minor tasks that potentially have a wider application) is a psychological trick one can use on oneself to trigger creative thinking. Other ways - look at optical illusions, MC Escher, turn your design upside down to find unnoticed bad focal points, do a Sudoku puzzle. Anything that makes your mind look at the same thing in different ways.

Keep making more characters and eventually you will develop ways to use them.

Maybe make up some funny packaging design for Japanese snacks…

Lots of potential here.

Hell I’d buy these characters from a vending machine… 3d print anyone?

There’s a cool psychological effect that might have been on purpose, might not, either way, it’s a bonus. Wasabi sneaks up on you, then BLAMMMMMO!

The way the character is mostly hidden by the hat describes the “hidden dangerous” aspects of the Wasabi in character form. Those are the little things…

Hello. I sold angry sushi and wasabi, so I cant make character out of them.:weary:

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