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Hi everyone. I am not a graphic designer, however, I’ve always been interested in graphic design and have learned a whole lot as a visitor of GDF for a few years now. I did go to art school and have a bachelor’s degree in animation, which I never ended up getting into. I actually started out as a graphic design major and switched to animation after one semester because I wanted to “draw” more and not be on a computer all day. Looking back, I definitely think I should have stuck with graphic design. But here I am, now in the printing industry for quite a few years and it’s how I’ve learned to navigate Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign (although not an expert by any means).

I posted a design in the crit-pit last week but didn’t get a whole lot of traction there so I thought maybe I should introduce myself first before diving into it. Great to be a part of GDF! Cheers!

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Welcome Aboard Dave :slight_smile:

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