👋 Hello, hi, how are you?

Hello GDF - I’m Kate.

I know very little about the forum but am very happy to have (maybe, possibly?) found a little design community.

I am a designer at a non-profit working mostly with our digital marketing and communication efforts. I have a background in Communication (doesn’t everyone?) and am mostly a “self-taught” designer. I find because of this and because I work at a non-profit where there are no other designers, I often feel really disconnected from the design community in general.

I often find myself with burning questions I want to ask fellow designers and generally no one to ask who’s in a related field. My friends and family are really tried of me asking them to compare fonts and Pantone swatches.

Hoping this might be a place to come for that design community I’ve been looking for.

:wave: See you around the forum

Welcome Katx. I use my family as a test market sometimes. Not their favorite thing to do.

Hello Kate, You’re on the right place!

Welcome Aboard Kate!! :slight_smile:

Feel free to ask away :wink: … There are lots of extremely helpful and well seasoned pros on this forum.

I’ve been know to be a tad too salty, at times. :laughing:

If you happen to go in the lounge, I think there are tacos in there. Maybe. If you don’t see any, look under the couch cushions.

That’s why we keep plenty of Margarita’s around

:wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

Nope, not enough magarita mix to fix this.

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It’s 11:20 a.m. Too early to start drinking? A liquid lunch sounds pretty good right about now.

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Highly welcome both tacos and margaritas - at any time of day, right now.

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If I drank alcohol, I mighta started on Tuesday and not stopped. It’s been a wretched week.
Saving up for a six of cider this weekend though. And Lobsta!

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