Hello, I am Ksenia

Hello Everybody!
I am Ksenia, originally from Russia, but studying visual communication design in South Africa. I am graduating in one month and currently busy reworking my university portfolio, as I have realized that most of the work that I have done at uni is more fine art than actual graphic design…:sweat_smile: So there are still lots of things that I need to learn about graphic design industry,as they did not taught us that much about it at university and I feeling I am falling behind :see_no_evil:I am really hoping to connect with like-minded individuals and hopefully get some feedback on my work.

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Hi Ksenia!

I also came from a fine arts background. When I applied to University my whole portfolio was fine arts. It wasn’t until I took my first typography class in Uni that I had found out typography had anatomy. From then on my understanding of graphic design changed!

There is great advice on this forum (which you may find browsing threads) from novice to veteran. I don’t doubt you’ll get helpful/constructive feedback.



Hello Sparrow!
Sorry, I do not understand, but did you first study Fine art and then switched to graphic design degree? or finished the first one and got the second degree in design? :smiley:

I think the moment when my perspective have shifted was when I watched an episode with Chris Do, where he explain what graphic designers need to know in order to be great. Then I have realized how much I still need to learn, and how much is important to read books about typography, layout, design principles and etc. Each of this areas are big disciplines on their own, and unfortunately I do not see any good comprehensive course online or youtube videos about that :see_no_evil:

Welcome to the forum!!! :slight_smile:


I did 1 year of fine arts (to build some skill and a portfolio), then I applied to University.

YouTube is a difficult place to find graphic designers who actually teach it. You’ll mostly find graphic designers who share there experiences. I’d say a good start for researching design is the Bauhaus, and Russian Constructivism, you’ll come across people who were very influential to graphic design—some of which have written really good books on design.

Well, Fine Arts in most cases is part of most university Graphics programs.
Let us know if your portfolio is filled with oil paintings, or filled with digital (non application) design work.
We won’t judge.

Let’s get your portfolio link!
Then… then… we judge.

Kidding!, of course.

thank you for the advice:)
I will take it

Haha I wish I would have oil paintings in my portfolio, however I have mostly as you named it digital (non application) work like watercolor illustrations, stop-motion animation, some conceptual pieces like maps, books, photography books and etc Also in my university we did not have much classes about typography, layout design, lettering, logo design etc. We just had bunch of projects each 2 weeks that we need to figure out ourselves how to do them. The pace were quite fast and I sometimes did not have time to fully immerse myself into graphic design books, so in some cases I lack some theory knowledge which I nervously trying to catch up now lol

I am currently busy collecting, scunning, orginizing my work on social media, so I cannot say i have a lot of work there for now, but there is the link to my behance page anyways: https://www.behance.net/nelkseniaf7e4 xD

Please do not judge me harshly, I know my work is not that great yet, but I am learning. :see_no_evil:

I like your approach & all the best for your future.

thank you :grin:

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