Hello There! :-D

Hello Everyone!

My name is Amanda and I’m based out of Miami, FL. I was/am self-taught, then went to school for graphic design back in 2005, graduated in 2007, tried to work things out but never happened for me. I’ve been out of practice since and I sit here now at my new job, I’ve somehow found my way back to designing again. So far it’s been okay but feel some pressure. I feel as if I lost my creative mojo since I was kind of put down back then. Anyone else feel ever feel that way? Anyways thought joining GDF may help in finding my way again and a way to connect with others in the design community.

Welcome, Amanda.

Welcome Aboard!


We all go through those times of feeling less creative. Just find something that helps you get passed it. For me that’s usually YouTube vids. I love watching paper crafting. That always gets me back in a creative mood :slight_smile:

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