Hello to all members

Hi there, my name is Mike.

I am living in Massachusetts. I am not a graphic designer, nor do I work in a related field. I do, however have a few questions about desktop scanners, scanning with OCR, using Adobe Acrobat and similar products, and the like. I originally posted a couple of my questions on the computerforum site, to which I received not a single reply. I think that scanning is a little out of the average “computer geek’s” wheelhouse, but it seems to me that desktop publishers should have the knowledge and experience to answer my questions quite adequately. I will provide context in my first posting, once I have found the correct place to do that. Anyways, it is nice to be here.

Regards, Mike.

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Welcome Aboard!!! :slight_smile:

If you aren’t sure of where to post a question or it doesn’t seem to fit a category listed … feel free to post in our General section :wink:


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