Hello! UX Meet GD

Hi all! I’m a design convert from software engineering. I like design much better. I’ve had a decent start as a UX Designer after a bootcamp. But after a couple years of doing that, something just didn’t feel right!

After some searching and trying things out, I know I like design but I want it to be more about the visuals. So here I am a few attempts in to teaching myself graphic design. After I get my bearings, I’d like to study motion design.

I hope to above all make friends with kindred souls. Although occasional feedback and advice would be great too. :grin:

See you around!


Designers are much cooler than software engineers. We get to wear black clothes, get stylish haircuts and wear trendy glasses. Software engineers can’t do this.

So welcome to the cool side of things, Zinkaio (and welcome to the forum, of course). :grinning:


Welcome Aboard!!! :slight_smile:


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