Hi everyone!

I’m Shradha, currently doing my Bachelor’s in Design (entering 3rd year soon).

Looking forward to having your support and feedback :D.

Thank you.

Welcome to the forum!

If you haven’t done so already, start scoping around for internships and part time jobs in design or print. No time like the present to get the real world experience in. Hard to land internships when you aren’t a student any more. Unmentored freelance and crowdsourcing do not count.

Hi Shradha,
Welcome to the field of graphic design. Just don’t get spammed by those people who will tend to get your services for free. There are multiple fields in graphic design. Know your niche, define your worth, follow your passion. Let yourself express those creative instincts through creative, engaging and captivating designs. You can learn more about graphic designing from different education websites, but I find udemy-com.

Welcome to the forum!!! :heart:

Thank you!

Yes, I’ve started preparing for internship season. Do you perhaps have any tips for preparing for an interview? Would be really helpful.


Thank you. I’ll definitely keep that in mind.
I’m exploring different fields. I’m unsure of what niche I should stick to. I had an interest in Motion Graphics, but I have been focusing on building my graphic design skills. Could you please share some advice for young and confused students like me? What to do next? Do I concentrate on one field or find it out as I explore?

Thank you again.

Thank you! Hoping to have an enriching experience here.

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Hasn’t school already started? Internship season for us is usually over the summer. There isn’t really a lot you can do with someone still learning who only comes in for a few hours each week. We do take work study students from a local trade high school that work 3 days a week too. But that’s just us.

My advice is to utilize all of the resources your college may have to look for an internship/part time job. A good school should have a career resource center. Your professors should have industry contacts. There may be a list of places that consider taking on interns or short term part timers. Just be sure you are going to be learning something. An interview goes both ways. Have questions to ask. If given a tour, have questions to ask. Do some research into the place you will be interviewing. Ask your own questions. It always irks me that when we give facility tours that the professor apparently has provided a list of questions for students to ask. It’s even more annoying when one pulls out a piece of paper and starts reciting them. Be prepared.

Our new semester has begun. Our college offers internship programs, the interviews for that are beginning in a few weeks. A lot of companies visit our campus for these interviews. Apart from that, we also look for internship opportunities in design studios and such. I am not completely relying on the campus offers and would like to check out other places to intern during the summer, ie, around June-Aug.

I have started preparing, although not in full swing. I’m trying to compile my portfolio.

Thank you.

Hi Shradha, Welcome to the Graphic Design Forum. You can gather more information about designing from this forum site. If you want to do something amazing in this field, then keep yourself up to date with new design ideas and trends.

Thank you so much!

Hello shradha,
Welcome here. Nice to know about yourself. I wish you for a great life ahead.

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motion graphics is really a great field in graphic designing in terms of profit. I suggest you should learn graphic designing from the scratch. it will help you to learn the versatile aspects of graphic designing and make better decisions.

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