Hello everyone, I am a multimedia design and development student. I looking forward to meeting you all and learn from you.

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Welcome Aboard :slight_smile:

Hello, Welcome here. I wish you for a great future ahead. Keep it up and try to learn maximum things from YouTube.

Sorry, but YouTube videos are not the way to get an education. They can be useful, but they should definitely not be the go-to way of learning.

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Nope to Youtube here too. Yes, the videos can be great for process functions, ie how to do certain techniques in different software, especially for Photoshop, but I wouldn’t call it an educational tool beyond that. There are even some Lynda and Adobe videos that make me cringe in absolute horror, me being in pre-press and signage… Actually the whole production end of learning to be a designer, even at an accredited college, leaves a lot to be desired.

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