Hello, I started at LA Films school; for Graphics Design last month. I just want to know, if the graphic arts have reached a higher scale of popularity for the audience that consumes it or if it has fallen down the strong wave of contagion in the world?. I would love to talk about the topic that encompasses so much in our environment!

LOL, We’re being punked.

Think about that question for a hot minute. No trade shows. No events. No mass shopping in stores or malls. Heck, the local mall even cancelled Santa Claus! No photos of kids sitting on Santa this year!

No, demand for graphic design has sunk lower than it’s ever been. And it wasn’t too healthy before the pandemic.

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good point!!! I liked the Santa Claus LOL!!! At least in my area they were invented with a vertical screen for the Santa Claus here. But I see that the fall of the graphs has been a tough fall since the pandemic. Although I imagine that they must do something not to drop that part because we are already in a time when technology has been an advantage to be able to move forward with our projects and not stay cross-handed. Because I understand that we are in one of the highest situations of this pandemic but I think we can do something because we cannot leave, since we have all the elements from our homes and work that for this flow more… What do you think of that?

Tens of thousands of small businesses have gone out of business and many that are still hanging on have needed to cut way back. One of the first things to go are their marketing budgets. Times are tough right now.

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If you have no client base, working from home as a freelancer fresh out of school is probably not gonna work out so well. There isn’t enough work for those freelancers already out there that have a client base. A complete tyro with no experience or references has no traction.

And before your fellow students or instructor mention it, the crowdsourcing sites are not gonna put food on your table. You’d be better off in retail or fast food where you will actually be paid for your hours worked rather than working under the premise that you might get paid if your work is selected. Only bottom of the barrel clients (or near to it) would even consider branding through a crowdsource contest. But whatever.

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really is a good point!!! I didn’t see it coming LOL!!! It’s pretty clear that it’s not the same as working on regular work and you wouldn’t charge the same as being from home. But I think because if we project or look for way to present job ideas you can do something to get money. Since if there are works from the house we can convert fixed works from a perspective in the same way because if others can work from a safe point we as graphic artists can be made easier because we have the knowledge to reach the industries that contract our services live from the house and to do more frequent work. I don’t brazen that it can be difficult for everyone, but I don’t lose the relevance that would be a good attack. because as you say freelancers have to have a customer base for general a little money since we are in this situation. But if I’m with you it’s not the same for what we’re starting out for, even though I don’t lose hope that you can come up with a way to make money and jobs from home while inside a company to work easily and have the money to put a plate on the table every day.

If you decide to become a freelancer, I definitely do not recommend it without about 5-10 years working for someone else to get the skills you need to properly service your clients. I’m not knocking entrepenuerial spirit, but, clients expect a return on investment when hiring a designer. They expect to turn a profit above and beyond what they pay that designer. If the designer costs them money, that word gets around quick.

Other than short paying you, why would they hire a tyro when the objective is to improve their own profit margin? That is what Graphic Design is all about. Not art. Not your muse. Not being cool. It’s about selling other people’s messages in the proper way to reach their audience (and their audience’s pocketbook, most times.) That only comes with exposure to what works, and practice.

Freelancing is a business. It needs to be approached from a business standpoint. Freelance design is about 30-40% artwork production. The rest of it is paperwork. ie taxes, contracts, research, marketing, billing, chasing deadbeat clients etc.

Granted, I know a lot of kids “doing stuff to make money.” Always looking for the next angle, the next thing that sells, the next mark. Yeah, I’m not digging where all that is going. It’s sort of loosely called “The Gig Economy.” Dunno about you, but I kinda like knowing where my next meal is coming from…

Welcome to the forum @Blacksrar25 :slight_smile:

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