Hi everyone. My name is Vinsha, and I live in Indonesia. I was a graphic designer in the field of t-shirt, apparel and psychedelic design. I am passionate about graphic design. but I don’t have enough experience and knowledge about graphic design yet. So, that’s why I joined GDF. I hope I can gain additional knowledge about graphic design and illustration.

I’ve also tried to sell designs, but no income hahaha. But that’s okay, I don’t think that my design has attracted too many people. If I’m honest, actually I almost gave up because there were no clients or buyers, but I had to be enthusiastic and not give up :slight_smile: and I’m still young enough to continue to hone my skills around graphic design. Hopefully by joining the GDF forum, I can get more knowledge about graphic design. Ask for help and guidance. Thanks and regards.

Hey Vinsha. Welcome! Just look around. I think you will find many interesting topics :slight_smile:

Sure.Thank you :slight_smile:

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