I am Chad Fernandez (chof64), a 16-year-old student.

I mostly do typography stuff with Adobe Photoshop and a bit of jack of all trades.

Being a member of a community filled with people with the same interest is great! I am looking forward to learning more about Graphic Designing and stuff.

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Welcome, Chad.

Since you say you’re looking forward to learning more, let me be the first to offer some knowledge. Pick the right tool for the job. Without seeing a sample of the typography stuff you’re working on, it’s a fairly safe bet to say that Illustrator is a better tool for typography than Photoshop. Since intention can be difficult on a forum, let me add that my comments intention was to help you rather than to be a snarky welcome.

Welcome Aboard! There are lots of helpful folks here to help you along Chad :slight_smile:

Do you plan on attending GD classes when you finish high school?


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