im from the caribbean
im a beginner
need pals, , tutors and networking to be proficient

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Hi, Kizzi. Welcome to the forum! I’ve never been to the Caribbean, but which island are you from?

Welcome Aboard Kizzi :slight_smile:

Are you enrolled in school or are you learning on your own?


learning on my own

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Thanks for the info Kizzi :slight_smile:

We have a Student Forum that you might be interested in. Lots of good info in there. We also have several folks who are learning on their own or have been self taught :slight_smile:


Im learning on my own!!

But wat i lack is networking

I think its very important as the online class I did lack that!

So i come here to come out of myseld network and learn more.

Thanks for the students forum

Will join!!!

If you know link

Please send me thx

It’s in my previous reply … the blue “Student Forum” it’s a link to that section here :slight_smile:

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