Hello everyone. I am not english but you can call me “Roy” as it sound similar to my surname. I hope to have fun over here. Very much interested in graphics and stuffs, even though i have no skills. My first step to graphics begins…after much delays in life. /peace

Hi, I welcome you, Roy. You absolutely get more stuff regarding graphics and much more as a beginner you can get everything regarding graphics designing you have to post your problem and surely you will get your answer from here.

Thank you. I will post my problems when i have them. For now there is just so much learning to do haha ha.

Hiya Ggenie! Welcome Aboard!! :slight_smile:


What is your plan of action … do you have one? Are you looking to become a Graphic Designer? Have you looked into college or are you planning to learn everything on your own. Do you have any experience at all?

I only ask so we are aware of your base knowledge and can answer appropriately.


Hi :slight_smile:
No college or anything like that. Planning to learn everything on my own and yes hopefully i will be able to call myself a graphic designer someday haha. I have no experience. Well i do have experience getting lost in youtube videos about graphics and stuffs.
So now finally, i hope to practise and get my hands dirty and hopefully create good arts and stuffs :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the info and good luck with everything. :slight_smile:

Be sure to check out our Student Forum for good info as well.

Will do.
Thanks :slight_smile:

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