Hey all

i’m a HS student who has gotten into graphic design and digital illustration over the last few years and i’m looking to go into GD as a career. Hoping this will be a good resource for growing my ability.

As i’m doing some internship work i may try putting up some of my stuff for critique. Thanks!

You landed an internship in high school? That’s good and will give you a head start in college. :grinning:

Welcome to the forum!

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Welcome Aboard and good luck with everything :slight_smile:


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Welcome! Do you have the option to take any design classes at high school?

Hi yes, im lucky enough to have a digital art and graphic design class at school (comprised of me sitting in the back of a photography class on a computer and receiving assignments from the teacher when hes done talking to them haha). The photography people and teacher are great but there’s not really anyone who wants to purely pursue graphic design.

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