Hey everyone πŸ‘‹

Hey everyone :wave::blush:

I’m Tiago, a designer with 10 years of experience living in a small town called Γ‰vora, in the South of Portugal. Currently working as a Design Evangelist at Sketch and passed through several SME’s.

Really happy to be here and feel free to reach for any questions! :raised_hands:

Hi, Tiago. Welcome to the forum.

I know what Sketch is, but what is an SME?

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Hi Tiago,


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SME (at least how I have heard it used) is a Subject Matter Expert. But that doesn’t make sense based on the way it was used.

Small and medium enterprises?

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Probably not the best abbreviation, I was mentioning Small and Medium Enterprises :slight_smile:

Small and Medium Enterprises :slight_smile: probably not the best abbreviation!

Welcome :grin:

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Not a problem. Some acronyms have a lot of different meanings.

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Lucked out this time.


I do quite a bit of work for a trade organization, and Subject matter Expert / SME is a term they use regularly.

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Thank youuu! :smiley: