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Hey, guys. I’m fairly new to graphic design, although I’ve created a few things for friends in the past. Currently struggling with how to create my first portfolio and what it should include. Just trying to improve, learn as much as I can, get advice from others and meet some really dope designers!

Are you creating a physical or online portfolio? If online, what system are you planning on using—your own website, Behance, Dribbble, etc.?

Hi cehhc4 and welcome to GDF. How new are you to graphic design? Hobby? Studying? Graduated? Junior working in the field?

A portfolio is an ever changing beast. It is never “finished”. Do you have any pieces that you have created for friends that you are particularly proud of? Could you extend those pieces so that they can be used in your portfolio? For example, if you designed a logo for a friend, you might also design some stationery and a flyer design to put into your portfolio.

What is the purpose of putting together a portfolio? Are you looking for a job? Is your portfolio part of your application to design school? If so, have a look at the portfolio requirements for design school. While you might not be ready to dive into it yet, a portfolio is a good place to start to get a feel for whether or not you want to continue in the field. It’s a good idea to brainstorm your pieces out so that you have a range of items in your portfolio.

@Star Online. Actually, I already posted a couple of things on Behance. I just need to update it. I’m really interested in digital art.

Also, I’m learning web development to eventually build my own website for a portfolio too.

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@Buda Thanks for the feedback! I’ve been designing for a couple years now, off and on. Just small stuff for friends. I didn’t discover my passion for design until after college, so I’m trying to learn things on my own.

I do have some t-shirt designs I could revamp for my portfolio. I’d like to come up with my own designs, too, but the creative juices haven’t been flowing.

The purpose of making a portfolio is to find a job and break into the graphic design field.

Welcome Aboard! :slight_smile:


hey im new to i think i saw you on instagram

Oh, cool! Well, what’s your Instagram so I can add you?

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