Hey GDF!

Hellow GDF members,

New member here that is looking to learn about graphic design if it’s possible to be self taught. :slight_smile:

Would love to get help and suggestions from the community.

I look forward to speaking with all of you and learning here.

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Welcome to GDF.

Whether it is OK to be self taught depends on how far you want to go in graphic design and your location. If you live somewhere where there are graphic design schools it may be hard to find a job when you are competing with others who have formal qualifications in graphic design. It’s pretty saturated out there and these days, having a graphic design degree doesn’t even guarantee a job.

It’s possible. But getting hired in this market is highly rare without college.


Hi DigiMN,

I’ve never completed high school, still thinking about starting again to get the general education diploma.

In my opinion It’s best to teach yourself. Today, I use Wix editor, a free online web designing program.

Thanks for your time,
Nicholas S.

Nicholas, I’ve removed the parts of your post that mention your business, as they are not on topic with this thread. If you would like to hire designers, please feel free to post an ad in the Classifieds section. Thank you.

perfect, thanks for all the replies! I am an accountant by day and have a eye for the nice digital art so it’s something I’d like to learn and make some side money(if possible). :smile:

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