Hey guys what program do you think made this text

i need to make a new version of this sign and was wondering if any of you guys recognize what program was used to make it originally, and what was used to make the text/font?



it loos like adobe spark may work? but i dont see how to create this kindof text with a shadow, and borders in that program. thanks for the help!

Adobe Illustrator.

Font effect can be made with the appearance palette, or simply by having multiple layers of one font with different effects.

Adobe Spark is for social media and web graphics, not large signage.

If you don’t mind me asking, I’m curious how you were tasked with this job if you’re not sure what app to use to produce it?

You’re not a professional graphic designer. Correct? If I’m not mistaken, Adobe Spark is a do-it-yourself app for creating quick graphics, video, social media stuff, and so on?

Whatever it is, I doubt anyone here uses it. Most people here are professional designers or design students. I’m all but certain that neither the sign nor the typography had anything to do with Adobe Spark.

If I had to guess, I’d say the type is from a font and that the letters were stacked in Adobe Illustrator with the bottom one getting a thick black outline and the top one getting a thinner red one. It would be pretty simple stuff assuming you had the right font. Building the typeface from scratch would be far more difficult and almost certainly wasn’t done. Perhaps someone here can identify the typeface if you don’t already know.

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i am managing a restaurant and i need to print a new menu vinyl sign with raised menu prices as chicken prices keep going up. I dont have access to whatever file they initially used to print the sign so i will have to remake it myself

ai is probly the right program, the sign store told me to do an AI or EPS vector file with over 300 dpi or a scaleable pdf

AI (Illustrator) is a vector application. Vector art is scalable, so there’s no dpi (actually, it’s ppi) to consider. There’s no point in saving it as .eps if you do this in Illustrator. EPS is an older, largely outdated format. On a sign like this, I’d definitely do the entire thing in vector art unless you include digital photos or certain kinds of illustrations, and even then, the rest should be vector.

All that said, if you haven’t used Illustrator before and if you’re not a designer, you’ll likely spend many frustrating hours on this project and still not have it turn out looking like you want it to. Have you considered hiring it out?

Wingin Out looks like Kestrel Script With a modified W

The rest is too small for my old eyes :wink:

ive spent a long time on photoshop, flash, and other programs in the past so i dont think it will be too hard to copy that menu

thankyou red

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I’m not a chef, but I’ve spent many years making toast. I need to make chicken wings for 300 people and not kill them. Shouldn’t be too hard.

It’d be a train wreck!

I’m not saying you can’t do it, but I’d really suggest finding someone who knows what they are doing. They’ll do it in a fraction of the time that some who doesn’t know what they are doing will. May well be cheaper in the end, It definitely will be if you unwittingly stumble into one of the thousands of potential print production pitfalls out there. It could prove pretty expensive if you get it wrong.

That’d be my advice. Good luck.

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Don’t do in Photoshop.

Do in illustrator.

You don’t need to do full size.
If it’s 6ft across you can work at 12 inches.
Just give the final size to the print shop.

Good luck.

This can also be done in InDesign.

The small text looks like Futura condensed.

im almost done with the menu thank you guys alot for the help

any ideas on what the best way to modify that W would be? can i convert the text to an object and add on a rectangle shape to the object?


Nothing like a little naysaying to stoke the creative fire. LOL!

Some of your headings are not vertically centered

And some of the text starts too far in from the left.

Yes. The best bet is to outline the font, then draw the “lines” from the side of the W and then use pathfinder to merge them all into one shape so that your outline effect is applied to the entire altered W.

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