Hey, nice to meet ya

Im a 17 years old graphic designer looking for experience and fun.

this is the only thing im relatively good at in my life, and im really depending my life on this for the time to come

so i hope you guys can help to shape me up good

have a good day folks.

Welcome to the forum! :bacon::taco::tada:

i wonder if this forum is somewhat related to graphicdesignforum.co.uk

I don’t think so, this forum is about a month old.

Welcome! At 17 years of age, do experiment with various subjects a lot! Don’t settle just yet. And, no the co.uk is a totally unrelated different forum. We’re related to the former .com site, as this one (.org) was established by the .com admins.

Hiya Yalazur!!!

Welcome Aboard and Nice to meet you!!

This section will help acquaint you with our forum.


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