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Hello from me! My name is Vasil and im from Albania. I want to become an Graphic Designer and i have 1.5 years trying to learn from the internet (Courses , video tutorials, books etc.) but as you know is hard and though i can use the forum to learn more. Still i don’t know where im good at or what i wanna do, but for now i wanna learn Logo Design. For this i have a question because i don’t know how it works : I’m using 99designs to practice and have Logo design briefs so i can practice and explore, can i publish a logo that i created to have critics about the design i made when the contest is on going or when it is finished? And in which section should i? Because the main goal for me is to learn not to win the contest. Or any other way to learn, any advice is appreciated!
Thanks in advance!

p.s. sorry for my English :stuck_out_tongue:

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Logo design is probably one of the hardest skills as a designer to master. Your staring at a blank page in your sketchbook, or a computer screen for some. The client filled out a briefing, but can you translate and transform the briefing into a viable mark / solution (logo) for that client. Some do it well, some do not. Logo Design is intimidating, there is no denying that, however, I love challenges and I’m a problem solver by nature. You have to think differently on how you can get from point A to Z without driving yourself crazy and going way over budget… because what sucks is when the client has budget and you spend double the amount of time you allotted toward the project, thus loosing money. Another tip… be sure to add at least 30% than what you think the project will take (time and money).

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Thanks for your comment!
Can you suggest me any good way to learn the fundamental things for logo design?
Currently i’m reading Logo Design Love Book by David Airey

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