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I’m a little long in the tooth, been in the print business for 41 years. Freelance since October 2010 and I’ve seen a lot of changes from the cut and paste days to now. First exposure to digital was Illustrator 3.0 and Photoshop 1.0 on a Mac IIci (80mb hard drive with 16mb ram). My business is print brokerage and graphic design.

41 years! That’s impressive. Not many worked on Photoshop 1.0, let alone cut and paste. Great to have you here.

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You’re not the only one here with that many years in the business — I’m right there with you. Welcome to the forum.


You have me beat by a few years, but I’ve been around long enough to remember the joys of making mechanicals. It’s pretty rare these days, but my waxer gets pulled out on occasion if I’m making a comp of some sort. Welcome.

Thanks for the warm welcome! I’ll do my best to add positive contributions.

Even today, 30-plus years after the switch from physical artwork to digital files, I still use the term mechanicals to refer to my finished, print-ready files. The newer designers I work with have sometimes asked me what I’m talking about, but there hasn’t been another substitute word come along for the digital equivalents. I also tend to use the term comp instead of mockup, cutline instead of caption and draw a sharp distinction between font and typeface. They’re older but more precise terms — despite some people not knowing what I’m talking about.


Hey, when the machines rise up against human kind, us old farts that know what a stat camera is and can cut rubylith will rule the day.

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I’m still holding a grudge against Adobe for deciding that 72 points added up to an inch in PostScript. In reality, points and picas have always been part of an entirely separate measuring system that had no relationship to inches.

So as far as I’m concerned, a point is still (roughly) 0.013836 of an inch, damn it.


Welcome … from one old fart to another evilgrin0039

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Just for fun - this copy is from 1976 - 11th edition. Does anyone else have one older?

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I used to have a copy of that same Pocket Pal. I have no idea whatever happened to it. At some point, I likely trashed it as being outdated. Now I wish I had held onto some of those old things.

It’s still in print - go figger, eh…

I think I’ll call this thread Jurassic Park. Here’s another picture. I do have a complete set of the yellow film scribers.

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But how many of you have a pair of these things? Both the wheel and orange plastic things were used for much the same thing, but how many of you even know what that is?


Oh … You win.

Nice one, check this out.

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Process camera and film stripping supplies. I have nothing archaic enough to beat that. You definitely win. :smiley:

Welcome! Very impressive!

I studied graphic design in college in the 90s. We had computers, but our first graphic design course was paste-up, no computers. I have lots of memories with spray mount, mat board, rubylith, Photoshop without layers and having to be in the fine arts building overnight in order to print something because it took hours. (I had to give friends money to go buy me meals while I waited in line to use one of the two printers and then waited for it to print. I have tons of stuff from back in the day and may have to take pics.

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OK, I’ve dug up another one. This time from my library — my earliest copy of Communication Arts.


wow! That’s cool. I had no idea that CA is that old.

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