I was wondering if i could make some money from Graphic Design? I was working with my older cousin in his carpet/wallapaper shop (decoration stuff basically) but i’m out because of some issues (you know how it goes when you work with a relative lol).
I didn’t do any graphic design work for like 2years so i basically lost my skills and forgot the basics of the softwares a little bit, so i gotta practice all again. But after that (i’m not really in need of money right now, so i can take my time to practice), can I make money ? I don’t like asking money from my parents. i’m 18 btw.

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No one here can answer that question for you. It depends on you. Here are a few questions for you to consider.

How good are you? If you’re going to be seeking full time employment, what’s the job market like where you live? Do you realize you’ll be competing for jobs against others that have a degree and practical work experience? Are you wanting to be a freelancer? What is your plan for getting clients? Do you realize you’ll be competing against other freelancers with degrees and years of experience? Do you realize being a graphic designer is more than simply having access to the software? You’re 18 years old and haven’t done any graphic design for like 2 years. That means all of your graphic design experience came before you were 16 years old. How does the portfolio of a 15-year-old with no formal training (assuming) stack up to the portfolios of the seasoned professionals you’ll be competing against for work? What sort of real-world business and marketing experience have you acquired by the age of 15 that you can bring to the table to help solve a client’s communication problems?

Not trying to be a butt head, just trying to paint a realistic picture for you.


When first I saw the title, I thought, good, a thread to discuss “While My Guitar Gently Weeps”.

Imagine my disappointment.

Seeing that you’re still 18, together with what @Steve_O said, the best I can think of is to go back to school to earn a degree, then take it from there.

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Welcome to the forum @Ezioo. :slight_smile:

Steve gave you some great points to consider.

Thanks for the honest answer, the type of answer i wanted tbh lol.
Forgot to precise that when i said ‘‘I didn’t do any graphic design work for like 2years so i basically lost my skills and forgot the basics of the softwares a little bit’’ , I didn’t mean that back then I was a pro or smth, nah
I was just passing time and having fun, like I knew how to do few things but far from being a real graphic designer, that’s all.

What softwares?
Cuz usually 15yearolds are “doing Photoshop” and doing some rudimentary web work.
Photoshop’s not a Graphic Design layout software. It’s an image editor/creator.
And as far as the web goes, templates are all fine, but knowing the coding to make them stand on their heads is a far better goal.

Ahaha, next time

Mainly Photoshop, and yeah it wasn’t a big thing, (trying to edit some pics, or flyers for a server i used to play on,) was just having fun that’s all.

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