Hi all! :D I'm an old school designer - self taught

Hey everyone :smiley:

I’m glad to be a part of what seems to be a very active graphic design community.

I’m “Line” aka Mark Cansino, I’m a 40 year old graphic designer from the US. I had held the title of Senior Graphic Designer for the last 10 years in NY. Now, currently in Florida, US and unemployed and looking for work while taking on freelance.

As mentioned in the title, I am self taught, so I have a feeling there’s stuff I don’t know. One of my first posts here on this site was to get my portfolio critiqued. So far, I can tell I have a lot to work on and I appreciate the feedback.

In addition to art, I am also a gamer and creator.

I have been playing a lot of DOTA2 and I also like adventure games… I recently finished playing Thimbleweed Park. I am also a fan of Bioshock. I look forward to playing Cuphead one day!

In regards to creating, I have made videos, games, pixel art, illustrations, comic art, Flash-based animations, digital menu boards, Video tutorials, animated gifs, flash-based ads(sorry if it’s passe), web sites, voice over for some indie cartoons and games.

Future outlook: Looking to create a movie, game and comic or all-in-one :smiley:



Hiya Line!!! Welcome Aboard! Too bad you aren’t still in NY … you are missing this lovely rain, snow, rain, snow and freezing cold. It’s delightful :wink:

LOL … anyhoo… Enjoy the forum :slight_smile:


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Hiya RedkittieKat!

Thanks! Haha yeah, I dealt with that for a longgggg time :smiley: That’s two things I don’t miss; The shoveling and bad driving conditions! (oh, and the bad drivers who think it’s ok to speed in icy conditions; WTF!)

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Welcome! Great plans.

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Thanks @iraszl :smiley:

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Welcome to the forum! What’s it like down there in sunny Florida? Do you get to sip iced tea while working by the beach? :grinning:

These winters are starting to get reaaaal old. Florida sounds like a nice change… How’s the work market down there? And more importantly… what’s the taco scene like? :taco::taco::taco:

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Thanks @PanToshi :smiley: Florida is nice, I came down here just before Christmas so the weather first started off odd… I think it was a record cold of 37 degrees… It’s gone up to almost 80 since I have been here for the winter season. Unfortunately, I have yet to see the beach but I have seen a ridiculous amount of lakes… Lakes are everywhere!

I have had lots of iced tea though… but also, I should note, the water here is … not like in New York… When I was in NY, the water was super treated and didn’t have a flavor… the water down here in some parts of florida can have a smell of sulfur! Some parts of Florida, water comes from a well… :open_mouth:

Job market for graphic designers is plentiful… I’ve found it hard to land a job though. You might have better luck… you’ve seen my portfolio lol - Even though I have lots of experience…

taco scene… Well, I have gone to Moe’s, Taco Bell, Chipotle, Tijuana Flats… but outside of the franchises, there’s 1 that was really nice in kissimee florida… 853 Cypress Pkwy, Poinciana, FL 34758 Don Pepe, Seemed good :smiley: and I have been to a place called La Fiesta Mexicana which has 5 stars… but I think I might like Don Pepe more! :smiley:

Feel free to come visit. I will get tacos with you! :smiley:

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Don Pepe’s sounds like a good place to start!! :+1:

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Yep … and some still drive that way. I worry about them causing an accident more than the road conditions lol :smiley:

@RedKittieKat Agreed! At least with the road you can drive slow and know what may happen.

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