Hi all!

Hello to everyone!
I am so happy to join to this forum :blush:
I am new in this sector, i am a professional archaeologist passionate about illustration, art, visual comunication. I have decided to try starting a new career as graphic designer, so i have started to study.
I already have a basic knowledge of photoshop, autocad and agisoft photoscan because i used these software for my job. I know how to illustrate finds as well.
I would like to use the grafic design in cultural sector, if would be possibile.
I’d like to know how i can improve my skills because, i know, there is a lot of work to do before starting this career.
If any of you would like to give me any kind of advice, stuff to study, where to find that, how i can start, methods, tips, ANYTHING, i would really really happy :blush:
Thanks a lot :heart:

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Hi there , we are on the same path , I wish you to succeed in your goal!

Thank you :slight_smile: all the best!!!

I don’t mean this to sound snarky, just an underscore of the scope of your question.
I’d rather be an archeologist. Can you tell me where I should start?
That’s sort of the question you are asking us.

If you already have a college degree in archeology, the answer, in your case may be finding a school locally where you can get some night classes in the basic foundation theory behind graphic design. The more practical part - that comes through experience. Years of it. In the US, the basic entry-level graphic design posting usually requires a 4-year degree and at least 2 years of real world experience. The reason for that is, most schools are theory and “art” based rather than teaching the more practical aspects behind what graphic design is and how it’s produced. Far too many students find out way too late that Graphic Design is not about Art. But I think you may get that part.

Not sure what you mean when you say you want to use graphic design in the “cultural sector.” Do you mean something like working in the museum institutional or cultural arts sphere, perhaps marketing, or even maybe designing, educational exhibits? Or publishing? Or something else entirely?

I am sure you got the meaning of cultural sector. There are a lot of ways to use visual communication in museums or in publishing for example. They are only few examples.
I am looking for tips, if you are happy to share any tips you are super welcome. I don’t want to steal your job and i have all the humility to learn and i am just collecting useful informations.
About the art, this is only what I like, it is a introduction about me. I haven’t written that design is art.
Thank you anyway to sharing your experience.

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