Hi All

Hi All

I am somehow new here, forgot my old account, and really dont like the new discourse platform, I would prefer something like Elkarte.net an smf 2 thing, yet as guest I could just say Good Luck … ah where are those times at least You know the wheel is wheel now reinventing the same is just waste of time, yet more socially appealing to all the Youth addicted to colorful twicks …


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ElkArte is free and looks a bit more like traditional forums, but I think most of us have gotten used to Discourse. Anything — literally anything — is better than the old vBulletin software the old GDF forum ran on.


Welcome back. I don’t remember a NIK. Was that your old handle?

And yeah … this is 1000x better than what we were left to deal with from vBulletin. :wink:


You are entitled to that opinion, but honestly, from this user’s point of view, this forum is so much better than those horribly clunky old bulletin boards.

Let’s not even get started on the aesthetics…

…no, let’s. I feel a rant coming on.

‘Don’t you dare!’

‘But I really want to, Please.’




‘Oh alright, I won’t. Promise.


Sorry, I couldn’t help it’


That this forum still exists is something of a miracle. I wouldn’t knock the format considering the alternative…


@RedKittieKat Tanks for the Welcome … no this is new profile, previous think was beTon …

@Just-B elkarte has also nice themes etc. unique and rare things, above all its free, as I am aware they are the last dev team from smf that pushed for new smf2 platform …

@sprout yea depends on on many things, but to me this discourse no matter how I’ll get use to it its way just less navigable, somehow piled, clearly it needs better design also, maybe enough if there are pop’up in categories where they would be opened at once in one row (last ten threads beneath), maybe in parallel when clicking on subforum to open up on the right panel row of threads … but like now having side by side halved main page as board and trending topics that is confusing at best …

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@NIK You could also do this …if viewing through an app might be more mobil friendly :slight_smile:

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I used to own a forum that ran on phpBB (also free). It was a real pain to upgrade since every upgrade overwrote my code with theirs (I designed and coded my own themes). This meant that I needed to crawl through a dozen php files to put my coding changes back in. I did like the forum software, though, but the Discourse software is a whole lot easier to work with.

I’ll not argue Ruby is Ruby, yet the GUI of this platform simply as I’ve pointed is messy … later maybe things will flow like node and every panel to be rearranged as it suits the member, what I like with elkarte is that You can use the categories as subforum and open instantly all threads in a row instead going in and out constantly, simply having all at stake right away tho that should be costumized it would look like this [1] altho here are just shown categories with its subforums, still this is overall my ux experience of eforum platforms where for some works this for other that …

No going in and out. Just go to recent threads. They are all there without having to go to sub forums. Most of the time I don’t even know what channel I’m in when I reply to a post.

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ok that suits You, for me is the need for exploring, or if there was massive attack of members surely I’ll always like to check particular subforums instead waiting on the Latest Posts Tab …

maybe if can be pushed the main category page like pop’up button in that way this wouldnt be so confusing …

I don’t know what you are going on about?

The minute anything is posted it goes into the Latest category.

Click it and see it … it’s not that hard.

And please don’t explain to me why it is so hard for you again and do NOT give me another link about what place is better.

I’ve about had it with this thread too.

You are leaving a sour note, coming into our home and complaining about the furniture.

I’m feeling we may not be your cup of tea.


hm am I burden being honest? is it sin to give critique? above all for cgi things on this forum that should be issue at all … after all I’ve got reply and responded to it …

not sure why we need to be in a same boat, its enough we are diving in the same cgi sea … maybe I should use more smilys so I would live extra notion that I am not anyhow angry or depressed or I dont know wrong guest for now on the forum …

relax its my personal thing to seek debate instead just chit-chat or fakebook alike spamming, simple exact ontopic debate, Sorry again for my honesty …

Oh brother …

So long NIK!

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