Hi all

Hey guys, recently i fall in love with graphic design :blush:i wanna learn it . will guys help me :slight_smile:

Welcome Aboard :slight_smile:

I would suggest you look into what your area offers for school and training in the field of Graphic Design.

We can usually help guide you along the way if you get stuck on something or need another set of eyes to take a look at a project.

We don’t outright teach Graphic Design if that is what you are asking :wink:

You are right we have schools and training center near us, but they only take fee and don’t teach any thing. I have visited 4 to 5 center and waste my time and money

You say you want to learn but, preemptively decide that the schools are a waste of time and money. You don’t know what you don’t know. There are also lots of invisible benefits to that education. I was highly critical of 2 of the schools I attended, that’s part of learning I think. We rebel against any institution that challenges us. If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you and part of that is learning things that seem really simple and a waste of your time initially.

I strongly urge you to consider putting yourself in the hands of a reputable program. It will provide the widest most solid base to grow from. It won’t do everything, it won’t even do anything particularly exciting… but In my experience you will continue to learn from that experience for years to come. Get out of your own way, let go of some of that arrogance. If you can’t do that, you’re unlikely to be successful.

Exactly that.

The website you list in your profile suggests that you’re at a Canadian marketing firm in Vancouver, yet your IP address points to Pakistan. The writing on the website was obviously written by a non-native speaker of English — spelling, punctuation, and generally awkward use of the language.

Are people falling for this ruse?

As for your participation in this forum, honesty really does help. If you’re making a serious comment about the schools in your area, you might want to mention where you’re from. Not too many people here are familiar with design schools in your part of the world.