Hi All

Hello, I introduce myself, my name is Johan and it is a pleasure to be part of this community. I am an expert in graphic designing.

Welcome, but just for your information, it is called Graphic Design, not ‘graphic designing’. That’s a real red flag for those of us with some experience under our belts.

Despite nomenclature niggles, do stick around, we are a pretty helpful, friendly bunch, generally – honest.

I would be interested to see the work of an expert. Do you have a portfolio? It’s an impressive claim. I’ve 30 years of experience under my belt and all I’m nowhere near brave enough to claim such lofty credentials.


Dittos Sprout. I’d like to see this “expert designing” (sic) as well.

As an expert, you should be able to explain some of the pieces in the website’s portfolio section listed in your profile.

For example, the following logo looks suspiciously like the logo for Advanced Action Sports and another very similar logo used by a Romanian company called Aktiv Accessories.


In addition, the following stack of cards you’re showing on your website is listed by a London design and branding agency, Fairlyles, as part of a campaign they developed for Fourés in Paris.


I haven’t checked other pieces in your portfolio for duplicates, but I suspect I would find other similar problems.

This forum places a great deal of importance on honesty, so would you care to explain? Your future participation here depends on it.