Hi every one

Hello everybody, you can call me “Mim” I’m from Algeria “North Africa”, working as a graphic designer and illustrator.

Actually, I’m working in a company manufacturing electronics product, for almost three years, I’m specialized in print and digital creation especially the ‘’2D’’ I’m not specialized in ‘’3d’’ or ‘’motion design’’, I wish I could learn more about these two categories, because I’m really motivated .

I’m happy to be here because i don’t really have many people around me to share about my passion and experience. I wish I could learn and help others in this field.

Please forgive my level of English I’m not that good at it .

Thank you everyone . :slightly_smiling_face:

Your English is a whole lot better than my Arabic. :wink: Welcome to the forum, Mim.

If you don’t laugh at my feeble attempt at your native language, I won’t laugh at your perfectly good English.

Welcome to GDF, Mim.

I don’t find anything wrong in your english :wink: just be confident and let others guess whether you’re wrong or not. Welcome to forum!

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