Hi everybody

Hi. I am a self-taught app developer and graphic designer. I may have asked a question in another category without introducing myself first. Sorry about that! My interests range from UI, icons/logo to print designs. While I joined this forum with the intent to get some community feedback on a project, I also wonder if I may be able to improve my skills/knowledge on here and maybe share some of my own.

No worries … it’s not like we are going to flog you for not introducing yourself first :smiley: All it does is delay us giving you a taco and a welcome :smiley:

So Welcome Aboard!


Here is your taco :heart:

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haha. thanks.

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Welcome to the forum! :pizza::avocado::carrot::hotdog::grapes::doughnut:

If I’d know there would be tacos, I’d have shown up sooner.


lmao Star :smiley:

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