Hi everyone! Green graduate here

Hi everyone! Nice to meet you!
I’m fresh out of the design school, making my first steps into the industry. I love brainstorming, and I’m mostly into logos, book covers, illustration-inclined stuff… I also hope to learn UX/UI in the future. My big fear is to get stuck in a marketing design job, as social media management and making pamphlets 24/7 drains me. My portfolio is a mess of many different things, so I’m currently trying to learn some stuff that will help me to figure out what subject to focus on.
I look forward to talking with everyone here!

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Welcome to the forum! It’s a little slow here on the weekends, but things will pick up come Monday. Congratulations on graduating!

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Welcome Aboard and Congrats!!!


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Thank you both! :heart: :heart: :heart:

Hmm … the hand on the left does not seem to have a good grip of the stem.

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Probably not his first glass



And yet the wine is perfectly still. Magic!


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