HI everyone

My name is Kari Tinsley I am a self taught graphic designer. I have read books, watched online courses and tutorials from YouTube to Udemy. I am stuck between to the choice of ultimately becoming a in house designer or sticking with freelancing. Currently I am trying to start freelancing but, ultimately I want to learn and grow as a graphic designer. I look forward to learning from and speaking with all of you.

HIya Designfox14! Welcome Aboard! :slight_smile:


Welcome to the forum! Check job listings for in-house designers and see if you meet the qualifications. Most want a designer with a bachleor’s degree, no matter how good you may be self-taught. That may help you make your decision.


Thank you

I am not sure if this is your intention, but your sentence sounds like it’s an either or choice. Being a freelancer and growing as a graphic designer are not mutually exclusive. There are immensely talented freelance graphic designers, and there are terribly mediocre in-house designers – and vice versa.

Sorry I meant to say I want grow as a graphic designer and I want to start freelancing.

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