Hi, Friends

I am Mohamed, I love graphic design. i like to create unique graphics.
i am still learning graphic design so that’s why i thought to join here. This is the best place to make friendship with most popular graphic designers.
I hope you all of members are being good with everyone.
( I am not fluent in English. So if i made any wrong in English. Sorry…!!! )


Hi Mohamed :slight_smile: Welcome to the forum! :slight_smile:


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Thank you Madam… :slight_smile:

Hi Mohamed,
What great name!
I fraternally welcome you.
I’m a beginner too and I’m sure you’ll find this forum useful and that it will be worthwhile in your Graphic Design career.

Will you share with us how you begin your learning from zero?. I’m completely beginner and doing that will surely help me.
Do not worry, I’m also not fluent in English. Believe, think and write in English, it’s very helpful.

Welcome again and best wishes.

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