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Greetings all:

I am a self taught (not sure what to call it) graphic animator?. By trade I’m a commercial Real Estate Property Manager, but several years ago one of the Properties I managed bought an LED sign, which was a really good idea, but it wasn’t really thought through very well because they had no idea how or who would run it.

Long story short that person ended up being me. Over time I learned how to add some animation to the sign to make it a bit less boring. Probably not the best animations in the world, but I did get quite a few positive comments from the businesses in that Center about them, so I guess they served the purpose. Since then the Center has been sold and I moved on.

Recently I had a friend ask me to make an animation for his business which turned out pretty good. He loved it. It’s kind of unique, so I thought I would approach a few other businesses to see if this might be something they would also like on their boards. The reaction I got was very positive so I am moving forward with my concept.

I have experience with placing these on exactly two signs which happened to be almost identical, so my knowledge of these things is pretty limited. I obviously have quite a few questions and am wondering if this forum is the right place to start?

You will see that my knowledge of software is probably pretty limited as well, so I hope you all can be a bit patient with an Old Dog looking to learn some New Tricks.

Thanks in advance.

Hiya AnOldHack!

Welcome Aboard! :slight_smile:


I’m not sure if there are many animators on here … but if there are I’m sure they will chime in.

Thanks Kat.

I appreciate the response. What I do is basically animated gifs. I need to learn about converting into other file types, .mov, .avi and such. Also, these will mostly be for outdoor electronic signs, so I’m looking for advise on how to make them for different sized boards and such.

We’ll see how it goes.

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