Hi Guys

Hi everyone, I’m xico, originally an architecture student but as time goes by I feel more and more interested in graphic design (designing the visuals of my case study books is what I like the most in college). So I’m here to get more knowledge, repertory, web and print designs skills, and you all of course!

Welcome aboard!!! :slight_smile:


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Haha thanx for the colorful welcome!

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Welcome to the forum Xico.

Speaking of colors, your avatar appears to be a map of Brazil wrapped in three colors. I’m assuming you’re from Brazil, but do the three colors — green, yellow and red, mean something too?

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Hey, thank you JB!

You’re right, I’m Brazilian, and that was a vector I made from Olodum’s album “O Movimento”. The four colors: green, yellow, red, and black are the Pan-Africanism colors. In this case, the three stripes around Brazil’s map, represents the African-Brazilian people and our cultural identity.

That explain it. Thanks, Xico.

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