Hi 👋 I’m New and Lots of Questions!

Hello! I’m a Kinder teacher who has always loved art and designing my own activities for my kids. It has always bothered me to use others clip art. So one day I finally decided to research and discovered I could start on plain ol power point. I did not know that. I’m not a graphic designer so maybe my discovery sounds silly. Well, now I am obsessed with creating clip art that I can use and not have to worry about copyright—-because it’s mine! As I have been self teaching I have many questions! So glad I finally came across this site. I’m not sure if I found the right place as I know most here are professionals. But I hope you will have patience with me as I learn!
Thanks for letting me be a part of the group!

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Welcome to the forum!

I was just over admiring your work :slight_smile:

Welcome Aboard KK! :heart:

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